Here you will find learning resources produced by the authors of Physics HL and SL, which complement the content of the books. Please click on the links in the left-hand menu to go to the following resources.

Interactive quizzes

These fully interactive multiple choice quizzes for Standard Level| and Higher Level| help you consolidate what you have learned from each chapter. With detailed feedback on your performance for each quiz, you can use this resource to assess your own progress and work on areas that might need attention. 

Worked solutions

For both our Standard| and Higher Level| Physics books we have provided complete worked solutions. This will enable you to practice exercises and mark your own work.          


Relevant websites have also been selected for further reading by our authors for both our Standard and Higher level Physics books. To access these weblinks go to the Pearson Hotlinks| site. Then enter the book title, the ISBN number or the Express Code given on the book pages.

Errata lists

Physics SL and HL
There are no corrections to the current impression of the SL or HL textbook. However if you have an earlier impression, this may contain minor errors. To check to see if you have an earlier impression, look at the line of numbers above the ISBN on the imprint page of the textbook (2nd page). If these numbers end in 1, 2, 3, or 4, then you have an earlier impression. Please feel free to contact us on| to ask if there any corrections to your impression. To see the corrections for the original Standard Level answers, click here.

About the author

Click on the photos to read more about our authors, Chris Hamper and Keith Ord. Watch this video| of Chris as well climbing mountains in Norway.