Worksheets - The Cold War

Chapter 1 - What was the Cold War?

Worksheet 1.1 The USSR in World War Two [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 1.2 The Bombing of Hiroshima [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 2 - Steps to the political, economic and military division of Europe: Part I

Worksheet 2.1 Kennan's Long Telegram [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 2.2 Fulton Speech [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 3 - Steps to the political, economic and military division of Europe: Part II

Worksheet 3.1 The Soviet Response to Marshall Aid [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 3.2 The Berlin Blockade [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 3.3 The Situation in Europe by 1949 [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 4 - Who was responsible for the development of the Cold War?

Worksheet 4.1 Historiography of the Origins of the Cold War - John Lewis Gaddis [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 4.2 Historiography of the Origins of the Cold War - Arthur Schlesinger Jr [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 5 - The Cold War goes global: The Korean War and NSC-68

Worksheet 5.1 NSC 68 [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 5.2 Stalin and the Korean War [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 6 - The USA and containment in Asia

Worksheet 6.1 Japan in the Cold War [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 6.2 Vietnam [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 7 - New leaders, new ideas?

Worksheet 7.1 The Rosenbergs [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 7.2 The Kitchen Debates [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 8 - Why was Germany such a source of tension?

Worksheet 8.1 The Berlin Crisis [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 8.2 Ich bin ein Berliner [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 9 - The Cuban Missile Crisis: Could it have led to nuclear war?

Worksheet 9.1 Cuba and Operation Mongoose [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 9.2 The Cuban Missile Crisis [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 10 - What was the impact of the arms race on the Cold War?

Worksheet 10.1 Mutually Assured Destruction [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 10.2 Cold War Cartoons [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 11 - Sino-Soviet relations

Worksheet 11.1 Sino-Soviet relations [Word]| [PDF]
|worksheet 11.2 Tiananmen Square and Tank Man [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 12 - Sino-American relations

Worksheet 12.1 Tibet [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 12.2 USA and China Start Talks [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 13 - Why did détente end in a second Cold War?

Worksheet 13.1 The Iranian Hostage Crisis [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 13.2 The Second Cold War and Abel Archer [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 14 - What was the impact of the Cold War on the United Nations?

Worksheet 14.1 The Suez Crisis [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 14.2 The Congo [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 15 - What was the impact of the non-aligned states on the Cold War?

Worksheet 15.1 The Bandung Conference [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 16 - Challenges to Soviet control 1945-1980

Worksheet 16.1 Life in the Soviet Empire: The Promise and the Reality [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 16.2 The Hungarian Uprising [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 17 - The collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War

Worksheet 17.1 US Perceptions of the USSR [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 17.2 Gorbachev’s Role in Ending the Cold War [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 17.3 The Collapse of the Satellite States [Word]| [PDF]|