English A: Literature

On this page you will find learning resources produced by the authors of English A: Literature which complement the content of the book. Please click on the link in the left hand menu to go to the following resources.


These worksheets| are broken down by chapter, and are provided in both Word and PDF format. They provide sample answers to some of the exercises in the book, along with further assignments and activities to help you practice and consolidate what you have learned so far, and to revise for your exams.

Errata list

There is one correction to the current impression of the textbook (see the Word| or PDF| errata list). However if you have an earlier impression, this may contain minor errors. To check to see if you have an earlier impression, look at the line of numbers above the ISBN on the imprint page of the textbook (2nd page). If these numbers end in 1 then you have the an earlier impression. Please feel free to contact us on pearson.bacc@pearson.com| to ask if there any corrections to your impression.