Chapter 1 - The foundations of economics

Worksheet 1.1 The Economics of Zoo Keeping [Word]| [PDF]
|PowerPoint 1.1 Zoolinomics – discussion questions and answers [PPT|]
Worksheet 1.2 The Hidden Costs of War [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 1.3 PPC Energy Activity [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 1.4 Rational Behavior [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 2 - Competitive markets: demand and supply (Unit 1.1)

Worksheet 2.1 Luxury Goods [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 2.2 It's All About Demand [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 2.3 Practice With Linear Functions [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 3 - Market equilibrium and efficiency (Unit 1.1)

Worksheet 3.1 HL Practice with Equilibrium Linear Functions [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 3.2 From Disequilibrium to Equilibrium [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 4 - Elasticities (Unit 1.2)

Worksheet 4.1 From Heart Transplants to Watermelons [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 4.2 Natural Gas PES [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 5 - Government intervention (Unit 1.3)

Worksheet 5.1 Romania's Witches Resent Being Taxed [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 5.2 Taxes and Cigarettes [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 5.3 Malaysian Fuel Subsidy [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 5.4 Price Controls Cause Petrol Shortages in China [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 5.5 Price Controls Debate [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 6 - Market failure (Unit 1.4)

Worksheet 6.1 Obama's Carbon Market [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 6.2 Gold's Glitter and Hidden Costs [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 6.3 Wall Street and Used Cars [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 7 - Costs, revenues and profit (Unit 1.5 HL only)

Worksheet 7.1 American Auto Makers [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 7.2 Paper Chain Factory [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 7.3 Costs of Production Presentation [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 7.4 From Short to Long [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 8 - Perfect compeition (Unit 1.5 HL only)

Worksheet 8.1 Perfect Competition [Word|] [PDF]|

Chapter 9 - Monopoly (Unit 1.5 HL only)

Worksheet 9.1 Monopoly Prices [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 9.2 Price Discrimination 101 [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 10 - Monopolistic competition and oligopoly (Unit 1.5 HL only)

Worksheet 10.1 Bali's Oligopolistic Scuba Operators [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 10.2 Understanding Oligopoly Behavior [Word]| [PDF|]
Worksheet 10.3 Creative Destruction [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 11 - Measuring national economic performance (Unit 2.1)

Worksheet 11.1 The Circular Flow Simulation [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 12 - Aggregate demand and aggregate supply (Unit 2.2)

Worksheet 12.1 The Big C [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 12.2 The Battle of Ideas [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 12.3 AD-AS Headlines Activity [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 13 - Macroeconomic objective: unemployment (Unit 2.3)

Worksheet 13.1 Chinese Worker [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 13.2 Million Job Openings! [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 13.3 Flexicurity in Denmark [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 14 - Macroeconomic objective: low inflation (Unit 2.3)

Worksheet 14.1 What Does Inflation Measure [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 14.2 The Federal Reserve and the Phillips Curve [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 14.3 Politics, Priorities and the Phillips Curve [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 15 - Macroeconomic objective: economic growth (Unit 2.3)

Worksheet 15.1 Macroeconomic Indicators [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 15.2 Jobless Growth [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 16 - Macroeconomic objective: equity in income distribution (Unit 2.3)

Worksheet 16.1 Tax Progressivity in the US [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 16.2 Tax Choices - regressive or progressive [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 16.3 Is Switzerland Becoming a Feudal State [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 17 - Fiscal policy (Unit 2.4)

Worksheet 17.1 How Big is the Government Spending Multiplier [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 17.2 Fiscal Stimulus in the US [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 17.3 Stimulus or Austerity [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 18 - Monetary policy (Unit 2.5)

Worksheet 18.1 Implementing Monetary Policy [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 18.2 Easy Money [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 19 - Supply-side policies (Unit 2.6)

Worksheet 19.1 Obama versus the Supply-siders [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 19.2 Spain's Unemployment Problem [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 19.3 Helping Singapore become an Advanced Economy [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 20 - International trade (Unit 3.1)

Worksheet 20.1 The Gains from Trade [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 20.2 Comparative Advantage [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 20.3 Dominican Republic [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 21 - Protectionism (Unit 3.1)

Worksheet 21.1 US - China Trade War [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 21.2 A Call for Protectionism [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 21.3 Tit, Tat, Tariff [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 21.4 Tariff Quota Subsidy Quiz [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 21.5 Trade and Protectionism CYO DRQ [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 21.6 Vietnam's Shrimper's Protectionism Practice DRQ [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 22 - Exchange rates (Unit 3.2)

Worksheet 22.1 Exchange Rate Determinants [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 22.2 China's Silver Bullet [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 22.3 Managed Exchange Rates in Singapore [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 23 - The balance of payments (Unit 3.3)

Worksheet 23.1 Exchange Rates and Currency Manipulations [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 23.2 The Marshall Lerner Condition [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 23.3 Excuse me, China... [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 24 - Economic integration (Unit 3.4)

Worksheet 24.1 A Customs Union in Africa [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 24.2 Trading Blocs and Economic Integration [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 25 - Terms of trade (Unit 3.5 HL only)

Worksheet 25.1 Deteriorating Terms of Trade [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 25.2 Terms of Trade and the Balance of Payments [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 26 - Introduction to economic development (Units 4.1, 4.2)

Worksheet 26.1 Myths About Economic Development [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 26.2 Does Economic Growth Equal Economic Development [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 26.3 Visualizing Economic Growth and Development [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 27 - Domestic and international factors and economic development (Units 4.3, 4.4)

Worksheet 27.1 Day Zero in Haiti [Word]| [PDF]| 

Chapter 28 - Foreign investment aid, trade and debt (Units 4.5, 4.6, 4.7)

Worksheet 28.1 The Bottom Billion [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 29 - The balance between markets and intervention (Unit 4.8)

Worksheet 29.1 Fair Trade Coffee and Economic Development [Word]| [PDF]
|Worksheet 29.2 Incentives and Poverty Alleviation [Word]| [PDF]|