Chapter 1 - Systems and models

Worksheet 1.1 Terminology puzzle [Word|] [PDF]|

Chapter 2 - The ecosystem

Worksheet 2.1 Bottle ecosystems [Word]| [PDF]| 
Worksheet 2.2 Biomes [Word|] [PDF]|

Chapter 3 - Human populations, carrying capacity and resource use 

Worksheet 3.1 Safe and unsafe abortions [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 3.2 Changing population structure [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 3.3 Investigating sustainability [Word]| [PDF]| [Answers]|
Worksheet 3.4 Demand for water [Word]| [PDF]|

Sample stories to support Worksheet 3.3

Chapter 4 - Conservation and biodiversity

Worksheet 4.1 Krakatau – succession in action [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 4.2 Evaluation of biodiversity and vulnerability [Word]| [PDF]| [Answers]|
Worksheet 4.3 Rainforests for the future [Word]| [PDF]| [Answers]|
Worksheet 4.4 Roles of conservation organizations [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 4.5 DIY conservation area [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 5 - Pollution management

Additional text 5.1 Lichens and air pollution [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 5.1 Approaches to pollution management [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 5.2 Solid domestic waste in India [|Word|] [|PDF|]
Worksheet 5.3 Urban air pollution [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 6 - The issue of global warming

Worksheet 6.1 Greenhouse gas emissions [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 6.2 Impact of a 4C rise in temperature [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 6.3 Management of greenhouse gases [Word]| [PDF]|

Chapter 7 - Environmental value systems

Worksheet 7.1 Major events timeline [Word]| [PDF]|
Worksheet 7.2 Environmental attitudes [Word]| [PDF]|