Environmental Systems and Societies

Here you will find learning resources produced by the authors of  ESS HL and SL, which complement the content of the books. Please click on the links in the left hand menu to go to the following resources.


These worksheets| are broken down by chapter, and are provided in both Word and PDF format. They are designed to help you practice and consolidate what you have learned so far, and to revise for your exams. They are referenced in the margins throughout the textbook and tie in with the topics explored. 

Past questions

Past question worksheets| are referenced at the end of each chapter in the book. They are designed to help you practise for your exam, and full answers are provided so you can check your work.

Monthly updates

These monthly updates| are a little something extra the authors wanted to do for you – once a month, a new topical online resource will be added to enhance your study of Environmental Systems and Societies, and keep you up to date with the latest developments.


Other relevant websites have been selected for further reading by our authors. To access these weblinks go to the Pearson Hotlinks| site. Then enter the book title, the ISBN number or the Express Code given on the book pages. 

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Here are some links to other resources you may find useful in your studies. Click on the cover images below.   

Burning Issues cover|The Burning Issue online book from the Prince's Rainforests Project

Little REDD Book cover|Little REDD book from the Global Canopy Programme



About the authors 

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