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Chapter 1 - Statistical analysis  

Quiz - Statistical analysis| 

Chapter 2 - Cells  

Quiz - Cells| 

Chapter 3 - The chemistry of life 

Quiz - The chemistry of life| 

Chapter 4 - Genetics 1   

Quiz - Genetics 1|  

Chapter 5 - Ecology and evolution  

Quiz - Ecology and evolution| 

Chapter 6 - Human health and physiology

Quiz - Human health and physiology| 

Chapter 7 (Option A) - Human nutrition and health 

Quiz (Option A) - Human nutrition and health|

Chapter 8 (Option B) - Physiology of exercise 

Quiz (Option B) - Physiology of exercise|

Chapter 9 (Option C) - Cells and energy  

Quiz (Option C) - Cells and energy|

Chapter 10 (Option D) - Evolution 

Quiz (Option D) - Evolution|

Chapter 11 (Option E) - Neurobiology and behaviour  

Quiz (Option E) - Neurobiology and behaviour|

Chapter 12 (Option F) - Microbes and biotechnology  

Quiz (Option F) - Microbes and biotechnology|

Chapter 13 (Option G) - Ecology and conservation 

Quiz (Option G) - Ecology and conservation| 

Quiz hints

These quizzes are designed to help you check your knowledge and understanding of the topics covered in each chapter of Biology - Standard Level. You get immediate feedback after each question, with a final score report at the end of the quiz. 

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